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Each poem in the chapbook is inspired by a separate piece of digital art by Marlène Malenfant. Click HERE to see the five pieces.

The chapbook is typeset in Garamond

- if you don't have the font, the excerpts will look different on your screen than in the actual book.


from Red Riding Hood

(inspired by 'Levre')


After the adventure

with the wolf

I walked often in the woods

especially the pine forest

leading up

to a stone clearing

and a cliff

where eagles soar

peering down at the cows

in the valley.

The path

begins at a pond

the colour of mica

flashing with sky.


I am twelve years old

on this hot July day

wearing sandals and a red

calico sundress.

I begin up the path

through the fragrant woods

sun-dappled shadows

and the call of the white-throat,

shocked as always

at the gum wrappers

and bottle caps

half-buried in the needles-


Then, near the clearing,

the voices of men.


* * *

from Penelope

(inspired by 'Mer')


In a white room Penelope

carefully wove the sea

drawing the turquoise yarn

from its spindle

until the blue expanse fluttered

above her lap,

the water glinting

in the twilight.


And while her suitors slept

in the deep silence

of her home,

she slipped to the grey room

undid the grey sea

unwound the grey sky.


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