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are proud to announce our subscription program for 2006!

For $20, you can effectively pre-order the entire year's Mercutio Press output! That's a minimum of five chapbooks, all of the Mercutio Press broadsides! Plus, we'll add a copy of J. J. Steinfeld's 'Not A Second More, Not A Second Less'! All shipping costs are included in the subscription fee.

No matter when you pay your subcription fee, you automatically will retroactively receive every new chapbook and broadside that has been published in 2006, up to the date you order. The deadline for registering into the subscription program is June 30th/2006.

(Those slated for 2006 publication currently include Liane Styker, Michael Bryson, Norman Lock, Jason Heroux, Catherine Paquette and more...!)

To order, please send a check or money order, made out to Ben Kalman, for $20 (Canadians pay in Canadian funds, all foreign orders, please pay in US funds), to:

4474 Hingston Ave.

Montreal, Quebec



We also accept PAYPAL - please email us for information regarding Paypal payments.

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